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About WPAdverts

WPAdverts is a SIMPLIKO project that grew out of our own need for a safe, simple, and customizable system for submitting, storing, and displaying user-submitted content like (classifieds, job postings, and similar).

In 2016 WP was already popular software so it could seem like it will be easy to find a product that will suit our needs, but to our surprise, it turned out that while there are some classified software nothing is close to our needs.

The available software was either: outdated with little to no support, created for use with a specific WordPress theme only, or just built in a way that made it hard to use.

So we decided to build our own system and release it in the WordPress plugin directory.

Soon after the release, we realized that more users are looking for similar solutions, either for their own website or for a client project, so the decision to release the software as a GPL v3 compatible free open-source project was correct and it seemed we are on to something.

The free version quickly became popular. With hundreds of downloads a day our user base started to grow quite rapidly, and we started to receive more user questions and requests for new features.

We were very happy about the growing demand, but at the same time, we needed a better way to communicate with the users and deliver advanced functionality, out of this need the https://wpadverts.com/ website was born. It allowed us to provide direct support via a ticketing system (i highly recommend the HelpScout if you are looking for amazing support software) and provide premium extensions.

While the base software was free, the additional extensions were paid to fund the growing demand for support, development, and maintenance of the base software and additional extensions.


SIMPLIKO is an independent software vendor run by Greg Winiarski (me) as the lead programmer and business owner.

With over 20 years of experience in web application programming and more than 10 years in WordPress development, we specialize in building software solutions for small businesses that want to establish their presence on the internet.

We are proudly based in Kraków, the Polish city of kings! If you would like to send us a “snail” mail our office address is

os. Złotego Wieku 75A/3
31-618 Kraków





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