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In the last week, we made a couple of releases which you might have already noticed in your wp-admin dashboard. These are mainly small improvements so none of them got a separate release blog post but i would like to summarize the releases here in case you missed them.

WPAdverts Classifieds Plugin Core

The WPAdverts core received an update only with bug fixes.

  • In the [adverts_add] not all pricings were shown when there are more than 20 pricings in total.
  • In some cases (depending on the theme) not all slides were shown in the gallery in “Thumbnails” mode.
  • The is_featured param was not passed at all when renewing an Ad, this made it impossible to renew Ad as featured.
  • An incorrect parameter was passed to adverts_payment_* filter

This few changes took about 2 months to complete. You might be wondering if the WPAdverts development is slowing down or if it’s going to be abandoned?

If so then i am here to inform you that this is not the case at all. In the last two months, we spent most of the time working on the Authors extension. This will be a plugin which allows users to register a profile and then manage the account and all ads from a user dashboard.

This is a quite big project as it will out of box integrate with Custom Fields, Maps and Locations and the WPAdverts reCAPTCHA extensions. We are in the last testing phase and the extension should become available within a week.

WPAdverts Custom Fields Extension

On 4th July, The WPAdverts Custom Fields extension got a version bump from 1.1 to 1.2, it might look like there are many new features available with such a big version jump.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), the big version bump was caused by the changes in the Custom Fields API to allow integration with the upcoming Adverts Authors extension.

What does this mean to website owners?

If you have the Custom Fields extension installed on your website you will be able to customize using Custom Fields drag and drop editor the Author Registration Form, Authors Search Form (similarly like the [adverts_list] search) and the Author Contact Form.

WPAdverts Maps and Locations Extension

Today (on 9th July) the Maps and Locations extensions received an update with small bug fixes and tiny feature updates.  The most important ones are

  • Allow displaying the map on Ad details pages by default (instead of on-click), this feature can be enabled from wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Maps and Locations panel.
  • In wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Maps and Locations panel in field “Location Format” there is a new option “Google Autocomplete: Formatted Address“.
  • Search by advert_location taxonomy ignores other taxonomies, after the update, this should no longer be the case.
  • Changes in the [adverts_mal_map] zooming which should make the zoom work properly even when there are multiple pins in the same place.
  • Some phrases were missing the text domain (which made it impossible to translate them).
  • API: wpadverts_mal_pins_localize filter allows modifying list of returned pins for the [adverts_mal_map] shortcode.

Additionally, similarly like with the Custom Fields extension there were few changes in the API which will allow the Authors extension to use the same location mechanism in the Author Profile as in the [adverts_add] form. This means the Authors will be able to select the location using Goole Autocomplete feature or select it from the predefined list of locations. Depending on how you have the MAL configured.


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