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Just about 2 weeks ago we have released version 1.3.0 of the Custom Fields extension and today we are releasing a 1.3.1 update.

This was our plan from the beginning. Release version 1.3 first and soon after prepare version 1.3.1 with some bug fixes, small improvements, and an updated API for integration with Authors extension.

This is a minor release so if you are already using version 1.3 it is recommended and safe to update (although it does not hurt to do a site backup first).

You should see the update within 24 hours in your wp-admin panel. If not then go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click the “Check Again” button this should allow you to update.

File Upload – Authors Integration

For the most part, we have made internal changes in the Custom Fields editor API in order to allow the Authors Extension to use File Upload fields.

To see the new fields in the Authors extension you will first need to update CF to version 1.3.1 and then the Authors extension to 1.3.0, but note the Authors 1.3 is not available for download yet, it will be released in about a week, I will post an update on the blog and our FB page.

DatePicker – Custom Date Format

By default, the Date and Time field introduced in version 1.3.0 allowed selecting from 3 date formats. We didn’t allow entering custom date formats (like in WP settings) because with the date picker you actually need two different date patterns for that (one for PHP and the other for the DatePicker).

So while unfortunately, most users would not be able to do that, a PHP developer should in version 1.3.1 we are allowing to register a new date format using wpadverts_cf_date_formats filter. Below you will find the code that will register a new date format.

add_filter( "wpadverts_cf_date_formats", function( $f ) {
    $f['j. F Y'] = array(
        "js" => "d. MM yy",
        "php" => "j. F Y"
    return $f;

The code above you can place in the theme functions.php file (or even better create a new WordPress plugin and paste the code there) it will allow for a date in format “23. March 2022”.

Label Field

For a quite long time now, we have had a “Label” field available in WPAdverts but it wasn’t available in the Custom Fields editor. We have registered it and now you can use it in the forms.

The Label field is nothing special really, it is similar to the Text field except instead of the input you can show your custom HTML code.

Usually this field is being used as an explainer for the field above or below it.

Improvements to the Editor

We have made some visual improvements (hope you will like them), to make scanning for the form you would like to edit easier, specifically we have standardized the form names and included icons, please see the screenshot below

New Custom Form Schemes list with icons

We also removed the “Default” column and put the is_default tick inside the “Type” column.

Other Changes and Bug Fixes

The Preselecting Category functionality was conflicting with the WooCommerce Classifieds pricing preselection, the issue was resolved.

Additionally, right now applying categories worked with the Advert Category taxonomy only, since version 1.3.1 you can apply a custom form scheme to any taxonomy used by WPAdverts, meaning that if you are for example using the Maps and Locations the location pages can have custom search forms.

You can also apply a custom [adverts_add] form scheme to every location but right now this does not do anything.

Finally, we have made some fixes in the source code so now selecting Media Library as a file upload method in the File Upload field will work properly.

We have update creating/editing data sources so all possible data sources will be shown instead of just the ones available for the “advert” custom post type.

Loading a correct form scheme when uploading a file to a custom field was also resolved.

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  • Hi Grzegorz,

    I wanted to ask if you offer custom development services and if so what your rates are? I have already posted a few questions as you know and I thought that if you did offer such a service it might be faster than me asking many individual questions about WPAdverts. I can provide a process flow of what we are trying to achieve with WPAdverts.

    Best regards

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