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We have just released WPAdverts 1.5.3, you should see the update in your wp-admin / Plugins panel within 24 hours, if not then go to wp-admin / Dashboard / Updates panel and click “Check Again” button this should allow you to update to the latest version.

This update has two new features:

Customize Post Types and Taxonomies

The main feature for this release is a new Types panel in core settings (that is in wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core / Types).

From there you can manage basic settings for the “advert” and “advert-author” (if Authors extension is installed) post types and for the custom taxonomies by default Advert Category (and Advert Location if you have Maps and Locations extension installed).

List of all available custom post types and custom taxonomies.

Editing the “advert” post type will allow you to change the icon and label in the wp-admin left menu, add some additional WP built-in features to the custom post types for example comments or the featured images and customize labels mainly used in the wp-admin panel.

The main feature our users will be the ability to change the Permalinks scheme, right now even for a simple change a code snippet or an additional plugin was required.

Edit Custom Post Type

Similarly, you will be able to change the permalink when editing a custom taxonomy.

The permalinks editor is quite simple it basically allows changing the permalink prefix only, if you would like to have more advanced permalinks (for example have a category slug inside an Ad permalink) then I recommend using the Custom Post Type Permalinks plugin.

Additionally while editing taxonomies, you can select to which (WPAdverts supported) post types the taxonomy should be assigned, decide if the taxonomy should be hierarchical (that is if it should behave like a tree structure), and change labels.

Edit Custom Taxonomy

On all 3 screenshots you probably also noticed the “Restore Defaults” button that will quickly revert the changes back to default values.

Moderate Ads on update (from [adverts_manage])

In wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core panel we have added a new option that allows putting Ads into moderation when Ad is updated from [adverts_manage] panel.

When this option is enabled, above the Update button a notification will be displayed to inform the user that submitting the Ad will put it into moderation.

Moderation message shown in [adverts_manage] panel.

This should allow users to avoid an unpleasant surprise when their Ad becomes offline after updating a small detail.

The moderation option is disabled by default.

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