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Version 1.3.6 was just released, this is small update with bug fixes mainly and few small features. You should see the update notification in wp-admin panel within 24 hours.

The main new feature in the latest release is the ability to hide the images in wp-admin / Media / Library panel.

This was a quite often requested feature, the site administrators want the uploaded images to be saved in Media Library as attachments but not always want to show them there. With a lot of Adverts, it becomes quite hard to search for images you want to use in posts or pages among all the Adverts files.

Not to confuse the users this option is disabled by default. In order to enable it go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core panel and check the “Do not show Advert images (and other files) in Media Library.” checkbox.

Note this option will affect only images added after updating to WPAdverts 1.3.6. That being said we will soon have a code snippet which will generate required metadata for existing gallery files.

Payments History Updates

In the wp-admin / Classifieds / Payments History panel, there are two small new features as well.

One is a filter which allows hiding free payments (that is payments with the price set to 0.

The other more practical is a payments summary at the bottom right, below the payments table. It shows a total number of items and the total value of sales in the list.

Payments summary in wp-admin / Classifieds / Payments History panel.

Aside from these new features in the Payments History we also fixed: filtering payments by a selected month, and status not changing when updating a payment.

Any Other Changes?

Yes, there are two additional changes in this release and one new API filter.

Some fields in wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core panel were hidden by AdBlockers due to the fact they were using CSS “id” starting with “ads_”.

When using Gallery in “Next and Previous Buttons” mode on the Ad details after clicking “Show Thumbnails” button you will see a close icon in the top right corner. It allows closing the thumbnails list.

We introduced a ‘adverts_form_field_option_id’ filter which allows changing an “id” for a field (select, checkbox or radio) options.

add_filter( "adverts_form_field_option_id", function( $id, $option, $field, $index ) {
  // var $id string - current option "id"
  // var $option array - an array with keys: value, text, optionally: depth and disabled
  // var $field array - the scheme of the field to which this option belongs to
  // var $index int - the field index
  // do something with the $id
  return $id;
}, 10, 4 );

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