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After a few months of hard work, I can finally say that I am pleased to announce that the first WPAdverts 2.0 public beta is here and is available for download from GitHub. It has been delayed by a day but some issues were found before the release and we needed to take care of that first.

You can find all the releases here https://github.com/simpliko/wpadverts/releases.

Important Note!

This is the very first public beta release it should be used only on test, staging, or development websites. The intended audience is:

  • Users who want to test out the new templates/blocks and provide feedback so bugs and some changes can be implemented before having a final release.
  • Users who do *not* want to migrate to blocks – this might be counterintuitive but if you are planning to keep using the old templates, you can set up a staging version of your website install their WPAdverts 2.0 and make sure everything is working as it is used to.

Download and Installation

In order to download and find the latest release (right now there is only one either way), click on the “Assets“, and then download the wpadverts-2.0.0.b0xx.zip file.

The “source code” links will allow you to download version 2.0 as well, but this is a “raw” source code meaning you would need to compile the blocks and CSS yourself so this is rather for advanced users (or even programmers) only.

Once you have the wpadverts-2.0.0.b0xx.zip file on your computer you can upload it like any other WP plugin from the wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel.

If you have an existing website with WPAdverts and would like to test on a staging site how it will work with version 2.0 you can check out our Migrating to version 2.0 article in the documentation.

Feel free to post in the comments your feedback and/or report the issues to our issues tracker https://github.com/simpliko/wpadverts/issues.

Please do not send questions to support about version 2.0 as since this is a beta version we are not providing support for it.

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