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The January 2018 was quite busy for us at WPAdverts and the result are 3 releases we just made available:

WPAdverts 1.2.1

Our classifieds management system received a handful of improvements:

  • The first image in the Gallery will be used on the [adverts_list], unless a featured image was selected by a user.
  • The [adverts_list] shortcode now accepts list_type param, it allows displaying only featured or normal ads. The allowed values for list_type are: featured, normal and all.
  • If logged in user is viewing the Contact Form on Ad details page the Name and Email fields will be automatically prefilled with values from his profile.
  • Ability to display forms in either stacked or aligned mode. The default mode is aligned (ie. input labels are displayed next to inputs). The new stacked mode displays labels above inputs. This is useful when your theme does not have much width in the content area or if you just prefer this kind of layout. How to change the layout i will soon show in the snippets library or in another blog post.
  • Sri Lankan Rupees were added to the WPAdverts currencies list.
  • Added Slovak translation.

We also fixed bugs found in WPAdverts:

  • Loading icon on Ad details pages not spinning when clicking on “Show Contact Information”
  • Improved uploaded files validation. All of the code snippets in the Adverts File Upload Validation snippet should be now working properly.
  • Fixed jQuery error showing on some installations.
  • In the gallery image editor, the rotating icons were doing the opposite actions (rotating clockwise instead of counterclockwise and vice versa).

Mark As Sold Extension

we are introducing a Mark As Sold extension. It is a simple extension which allows users to mark their ads as sold from [adverts_manage] shortcode. Additionally, Administrators can mark the Ads as sold from wp-admin / Classifieds panel while editing the Advert.

There are a couple of options in the extension, the administrator can select if authors of the sold Ads can be contacted, where the “Sold!” information will be displayed and few others, for more details please visit the Mark As Sold documentation.

Custom Fields 1.1

The WPAdverts Custom Fields 1.1 version takes advantage of the new file upload validation API and now allows to limit the number of allowed file uploads, limit file sizes, limit allowed extensions and limit allowed image dimensions. Note that while limiting the number of allowed file uploads you can set the minimum value to 1 which will make the Gallery field required.

In Custom Fields 1.1 you can also switch between form layouts. Similarly like in the Forms API it is possible to select between stacked and aligned layout. Depending on the selection you can display the labels either above or next to the inputs.

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