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It feels like 2024 just started but it is almost the end of January and we are due for yet another “Plans for 20XX” post.

Summing up 2023

There weren’t many goals in 2023 but unfortunately, we could still not complete them due to changing the course in the middle of the year.

What went well was the new Analytics extension released in the middle of the year, what went semi-well was the Multiverse extension that we silently released by the end of the year. There will be a blog post officially announcing it and maybe a few showcasing videos soon.

What did not go at all was the integration with Elementor, before starting to work on it I realized we first need to have a way to design Ad details page templates using blocks, otherwise the integration will be ahead of the core version (which is not good) so a good amount of time went into developing and releasing version 2.1

Overall, the year was not bad but could be a little better.

Plans for 2024

Now that we have version 2.1 which allows creating Ad details templates visually we can safely (i think) move to the Elementor integration (and at the same time their Hello theme) which will be the main focus this year for WPAdverts.

I did not look yet at how complex this will be so it is hard to tell what other features will be released this year, so in no order of importance, i would like to release a few of the below-listed extensions:

Advanced Price Field – currently the users enter a single price in the Price field, but i would like to give them an option to enter a price as a price range and select a currency. This was also planned for last year but was moved further down the road as there does not seem to be much demand for this functionality, or maybe i am wrong? Let me know in the comments.

Currencies Manager – can support multiple currencies instead of just one default, this would also allow correctly searching by price regardless of which currency the user would select when posting an Ad.

The price field and currencies manager could be a single plugin, not decided on this yet.

Authors – of course, the Authors extension is already available, but it is still using the old Shortcoded mode, it is time to move it to Blocks mode and allow designing the Authors List and Details pages visually.

Stripe – this will be a quick update pretty soon but mainly with the official Stripe library update.

So that is a short list of plans for 2024, let me know what you think?

BTW. We also have a side project related to WPAdverts that we plan to release this year, but i will let you know more details in the near future.

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  • PLEASE can you add the ability to post a classified into a buddypress/boss GROUP and have a tab in the group to show classifieds just from that group…

    This would mean we can use group type as ‘store’ and have a list of stores with their own products (classifieds) alongside the general classified section 🙂

    This would be a really really good addition to your plugin and mean it can be used as an alternative to things like the full blown woocommerce/dokan type setup which can be far too bloated for most users… Simple classifieds like you offer, but integrated with Groups would be a huge addition 🙂


    • Hi,
      thanks for the feedback, my understanding is that a Group is an activity stream for selected people (members of the group), so it is not really possible to post an Ad into a group, but rather an activity can be added to the group (something like “John Doe just posted Toyota Corolla 2012 classified”), and also when the Ad will expire the activity will stay there.

      I am not really sure how it would compete or compare to a store?

  • Hi Greg, nice to meet you.
    The pluing you made is so simple, but so great! I like it!
    I wanted to ask you if you had thought about integrating a Wallet. For example, a person can deposit €20 and use it later, rather than paying for each ad, each time. What do you think?
    Thanks for the great job you did

    • Hi, thanks for the feedback, right now i am afraid we do not have plans for this future as the users can use Memberships extension or WooCommerce Integration which can allow to purchase an Ad Package (pay once and publish multiple ads), this in functionality is pretty similar to the Wallet.

      That said, if we will develop some kind of functionality that will allow users to purchase Ads from the Ad details pages then we will most likely ad the Wallet function.

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