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I am happy to announce we have released version 2.0 and you should already be able to see the update notification in your wp-admin panel.

Version 2.0 is a huge update that allows building your classifieds website using Gutenberg blocks, so instead of customizing the shortcode parameters, changing templates, or adding custom CSS code snippets, the administrator can now add a block to a page in wp-admin / Pages panel and visually customize options to fit your needs.

What if I do not want to change anything?

The update will *not* force you to change anything on your website, the old design and shortcodes were not removed (and we are not planning to do so) and you can keep using them.

If you are happy with how you have the website set up right now and do now want to migrate to the block version you can update and the plugin will work exactly as it previously did. That said since this is a huge upgrade with a lot of changes creates a full-site backup before upgrading.

What does the new design look like?

If you are wondering what it looks like see the screenshot below, it shows the generated block – pretty much as you will see it in the front – and a few of the options you can choose from.

Customize your classifieds search and list options using the visual editor.

With the new release, from the wp-admin / Classifieds / Styling panel you can also quickly adjust the buttons and forms styling to match your theme design – in order to create a seamless integration with the theme.

Note that while these settings are available to anyone the changes you make here are applicable only to the WPAdverts in the Block mode.

Customize buttons and form styling.

Want to give a new version a try?

The best way to get started with version 2.0 is to create a new WordPress install on your local host or staging server and install it there.

The 2.0 installation will set up pages with blocks and configure the Ad details pages to use the new designs as well.

If you are looking to upgrade your current website to version 2.0 please read our migration guide.

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