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WPAdverts 1.2 was just released and you should see an update notification in your wp-admin panel. This is a major release focusing on changes in the WPAdverts Gallery.

Video Uploads

So far, the gallery allowed uploading files, setting their order, featured image and adding image description. Since version 1.2 you can now also upload videos, and using the uploaded video set a video cover.

The video cover is basically an image which will be displayed before the user clicks “play”. How is this helpful? If you have a video which starts with a black screen and then fades in, then a user who is viewing your site will see a black image (first frame from the video). With the video image cover, you can select some frame from the middle of the video. This will surely better depict what is the video about than just a black screen.

We also developed a custom video player that will seamlessly integrate with the overall gallery design. See how it looks like on the screenshot below

On the image above you can notice the video player interface at the bottom. When browsing images the video player interface is not displayed, just the “previous” and “next” arrows, the “show thumbnails” icon and current / total images information.

Image Edition

Both uploaded videos and images can be edited directly from the gallery. The gallery has the same tools as the Media Library. Users can crop, rotate, flip and scale the images. Sometimes users to upload images flipped vertically (if they are doing them using their phones), or upload an image on which their product is not in the center of the image. These tools will help you fix that.

See the video below to find out how easy it is to “recover” from uploading an image on which the product is in the bottom right corner instead of center (unfortunately there is no audio).

Gallery Upload Options

In wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core / Gallery panel, you can find settings which will allow switching between different pagination mechanism on the Advert details pages. You can select either Pagination (with Previous and Next arrows) or a slider (with thumbnails below the image).

WPAdverts Image Gallery Configuration Page

WPAdverts also comes with SwipeBox plugin which allows viewing the image in full size (or at least in fullscreen) after clicking on the image. This functionality is enabled by default. If you do not want to use it you need to disable it in the settings.

Custom Image Sizes

The last new feature is the ability to modify image sizes directly from the wp-admin panel. The image sizes are max. dimensions to which the image will be resized after upload.

In most cases you will want to modify just two of them:

  • Adverts Gallery – which is an image size used on the Advert details pages.
  • Adverts List – which is an image used for Adverts in the [adverts_list] shortcode.

There is also an interesting side effect. If you double the image size (for example instead of 300×150 use 600×300), the images will display as Retina Ready.

Whats Next?

Download the latest update from your wp-admin panel. If you want to dig into the new functionality check the updated Image Sizes documentation.

The is the last major update in 2017 for WPAdverts, i am also planning a quick update for the WPAdverts Custom Fields add-on. This will allow users to take advantage of the new file upload validation options introduced in this release.

I do have plans for next releases in 2018, not only the WPAdverts plugins but for add-ons (existing and new ones as well). That and summary of this year will be covered in the next blog post, if you are interested then please subscribe to the blog updates.

Comments (8)

  • Awesome update! Thank you!

  • This is perfect! Nice work.

  • Sweeeeet! I’ll be rolling that out ASAP.

    Nice work Greg!

  • PAID MEMBER | How do u limit the people from putting in say 100 or 500 images in a classified? Thought this would be an important update, or am i missing something…? i sent an enquiry earlier this month and u said it would be in dec4 update – cant seem to find

    • You can limit the number of allowed file uploads by adding the code below in your theme functions.php file

      add_filter( "adverts_form_load", "limit_file_uploads76" );
      function limit_file_uploads76( $form ) {
      if( $form['name'] != "advert" ) {
      return $form;
      foreach( $form["field"] as $key => $field ) {
      if( $field["name"] != "gallery" ) {
      $form["field"][$key]["validator"] = array();
      $form["field"][$key]["validator"][] = array(
      "name" => "upload_limit",
      "params" => array(
      "max" => 2 // maximum file uploads
      return $form;

      In the code replace 2 with the maximum number of file uploads you would like to allow.

  • Hi there 🙂 Great work. We are still waiting for the update that will display the subcategories while entering the main category. I keep my fingers crossed for your plugin, it’s a great piece of work 🙂

  • is there a way to add youtube links to the gallery?

    • Grzegorz Winiarski

      The gallery can play only uploaded videos it cannot play videos from YouTube or any other streaming site.

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