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We have just release WPAdverts 1.3.0, this is the biggest update to the core version since introducing Video Uploads and Image Editing in version 1.2.0 about a year ago.

This update introduces a new major feature which a lot of users has been asking about in one way or another the Email Templates functionality.

Email Templates

By default WPAdverts does not send any email messages if you want to change and inform users by email that their Ad was saved in the database, the Ad was approved/rejected or expired you can go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel and enable the Emails module.

You should be redirected to the page with a list of emails WPAdverts can send.

wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Emails panel.

The screen you see shows emails which can WPAdverts Core send, other modules can integrate with Emails and add their own messages. By default, the Payments Module and Contact Form Module will add their own emails there if you have them enabled.

We are planning to release updates for our WooCommerce Classifieds and the Authors plugins which will integrate with Emails.

When you click on one of the messages you will see a page which allows editing the email subject, headers (plus adding additional headers) and email body.


wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Emails – Email Template edition page.

Note that all fields are using variables (the texts inside {$…}), they allow customizing the message with some custom information from the Advert or related payment.

To find out when the emails are being sent and what variables you can use in each email please refer to the WPAdverts Emails documentation.

Secure Complete Payment URL

If you are using the default Payments Module then before version 1.3.0 if a user left the [adverts_add] page without paying for an Advert there was no way to have the payment completed. The user would need to either post an Ad again or somehow make the payment and send a confirmation to admin who could approve it then.

Since WPAdverts 1.3 there is a secure payment URL generated for each payment and the Ad owner can use it to complete. This works best if you also have Emails module enabled then when the payment object is created the user will receive by email a link to the “complete payment page” where he can finish payment.

Without Emails integration, only Administrator can see the link in wp-admin / Classifieds / Payments History panel when editing a payment.

Other Changes

The Recent Ads widget has a new option which allows showing the Ads in random order on each page load. Basically, the idea is to give each Ad an equal chance to be seen in the sidebar instead of showing just the latest ads.

The new adverts_gallery_enable_custom_controls filter allows disabling the custom controls in the video player (in the gallery on Ad details page).

To do that in your theme functions.php file just add

add_filter( "adverts_gallery_enable_custom_controls", "__return_false" );

We also have updated French translation.

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