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It has been about 3 months since our last WPAdverts release. It might seem like the development stopped but actually we were working on a quite complex update that will allow uploading files to different forms not only the [adverts_add].

The new version is marked as 1.5, while the version change might suggest a huge update, you might not notice many changes on the outside. Most of the work was done under the hood to extend the Forms API and allow uploading files to forms other than [adverts_add].

Soon after this release, we will be working on the Custom Fields extension to allow you to add the File fields to the forms using the drag and drop editor. In the meantime the files you can add to the form with the Forms File Upload API.

Attachments in the Email Templates

Having a file field in the contact form might be useful if you are for example using the WPAdverts as a job board and want to receive job applications using the contact form.

BUT! what is even more useful is having the uploaded files attached to the email sent to the Ad author. We thought of this and added an Attachments field to the Emails Module (when editing a selected email template).

Add attachments to the email template
You can add multiple attachments to messages using variables or static files.

As you can see in the image above you can attach to the message a static file or use variables and functions to include in the message files uploaded to the form.

Additionally, in every email template which supports {$advert} variable, you can now also use the {$advert_files} variable which stores the information about files added to the Advert.

Other Changes

Each update includes some bug fixes, this one is not different. The main bug fix for this release is an update that should prevent the WPAdverts from duplicating “Post a Job” page.

Finally, we are changing the logo and background at WordPress.org to match our new branding, i hope you will like the new look.

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