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Yes, I know you were expecting the plugin to be redesigned, but the WPAdverts.com has not been updated for the past 5 years and it very much needed an update since the plugin has grown in terms of userbase and number of extensions we have.

Due to the colors used i am calling the theme Red Dune, it’s bright and lightweight i like it very much and hope you will find it easy to use as well (specifically the documentation section if you are already a WPAdverts user).

Aside of sandy red theme we have also made few important other updates:

Better documentation

https://wpadverts.com/docs/, previously each extension had one entry in the documentation. It worked well for some time, but as the number of features, integrations, and options grew to have a single article for each extension just does not work well.

Due to time constraints, the articles from old documentation are just migrated as is, but soon enough I will be chopping them into pieces so there will be short texts with solid information instead of long texts which no one reads.

It will be also able to direct the user to the exact information he is looking for instead of linking to whole documentation and saying “scroll to paragraph 3 and you will find the information you are looking for”.


I cannot tell if it is better or worse pricing. It’s different. Until now, we were selling individual extensions and the bundle, but some of the individual extensions did not have an update for a year or more so it does not make sense to sell them like that.

With the redesign, the extensions will be sold in packages only. We are introducing Start-Up ($59), Professional ($149), and Professional Plus ($299) packages. If you check our pricing page you will notice that aside of the subscriptions we are offering lifetime licenses as well.

Now instead of thinking which plugins to select and how much will it cost, the users have a simple choice between 3 options, it is also possible to upgrade from Start-Up to Professional and from Professional to Professional Plus at any time.

To be fair while the packages are cheaper than buying individual add-ons the All Extensions Bundle was an option between the Professional and Professional Plus packages. It allowed fewer installations but was cheaper and included the Memberships extension.

If you were looking to get the All Extensions Bundle and now are sad it’s gone then you might be happy to hear you can still purchase it until 16th September 2020. If you would like to get one then please reach out to us via the contact form. This is an offer for the bundle only, buying the individual extensions is no longer possible.

If you already own a bundle or an extension(s) and are wondering what will happen to your license then you do not need to worry. We will be honoring the existing licenses as long as your subscription is active.

Final Thoughts

The whole redesign took a few months (definitely more than I expected), from creating the concept mockups to having them designed by a web designer to having the designs converted to actual WordPress site and polishing the texts on site.

I am pretty satisfied with the end result, if you would like to know how much does it cost to have a website like this developed, what work do you need to do to get the best result please let me know in the comments i will prepare a complete how-to guide.

In the meantime, if you find some error on site please let me know via the contact form or in the comment section below :).

Comments (6)

  • Loving the new look, definitely feels cleaner.

    Any news on developments and features this year? Only had a few blog updates, was hoping to see what you have planned for 2020 (now I guess 2021)

    Hope you, your brother and the rest of the family are staying safe.


    • Hi,
      thanks, i like the new design as well 🙂

      I wanted to publish the plans for 2020 after the redesign but once it was ready it was already the second half of the year, and the post titled “plans for 2020” did not make much sense :).

      Either way, what i have planned for this year is the following:
      – WPAdverts 1.5 it will mainly extend the Forms API to allow having file upload fields in all the forms, it might not look like much but there is quite a lot of work under the hood to get it done right
      – Once it’s ready i am planning an update for the Custom Fields extension to allow users to have the files in the forms.
      – I also want to make some fixes in the Memberships extension.

      The next year will be mainly about redesigning the frontend templates and integrating with Gutenberg and Elementor, these are definitely the two major goals for 2021.

      I also want to start developing some integrations with third-party plugins and services to extend WPAdverts functionality without actually coding much :).

      • hello,
        can you provide any detail on how WPAdverts gets along with elementor and gutenberg?
        thank you

        • Hi,
          sure, the WPAdverts will work with both Gutenberg and Elementor, but we do not have any special integrations with them right now, so when designing a website with Gutenberg/Elementor you would just use the WPAdverts shortcodes inside the blocks.

          A full integration with Gutenberg and Elementor is something we have planned for 2021.

  • From front end when i clicked on login or register. Why it will redirect to wordpress login. This plugin don,t have its own login form? thanks.

    • Hi,
      WPAdverts free version does not have a login/registration functionality, you can add it either using Authors extension or some third-party plugin.

      Please send the support question via the contact form or the forum at WordPress.org, thanks!

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