Today we are releasing Stripe integration for WPAdverts. This is an integration which will work with the default Payments Module. If you are using WooCommerce Integration to accept payments then you already should be able to accept payments using credit cards via some third party WooCommerce Stripe plugins.

Click the WPAdverts Stripe Integration link to purchase the integration or read below if you want to find out more about this integration first.

Fast and Intuitive Credit Card Payments

If you are not familiar with Stripe payment gateway yet, you can read more about them on the official site

Stripe is a service which allows accepting secure credit card payments directly on your site. This means the user just enters a credit card information and gets automatically charged without ever leaving your site.

Take a look at the animation below to see how quickly and efficiently the integration works.

Adding a new credit card and making a payment.

For logged in users the credit card data is being saved on the Stripe server. When a user will post an additional Advert he will have an option to pay by just selecting previously saved credit card. If the card expired or is no longer valid for some reason the user will also have an option to delete the card.

Using previously saved credit card.


Rock Solid Credit Card Security

With the Stripe integration, all the credit card data is stored securely on the PCI Compliant Stripe servers.

You will never need to worry about being hacked or leaked credit cards. In case your website is compromised the hacker will be able to access the customer ID saved in your database only (which on its own is just a random string).

The credit card information is accessed only via the Stripe API which is secured with an SSL certificate. I am sure your customers will appreciate that you are handling their credit cards information safely.


This is yet another item checked from our goals list for 2018, for this year there is only integration with Membership Plugins and Rating module left as far as big changes in WPAdverts are concerned.