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User Resources

In the documentation you will find the WPAdverts core and all extensions explained.

It is a great resource to get started with our software – and if you do get stuck just open a ticket. We’re here for you!

Customizations done for you!

Do you have an idea in mind, but WPAdverts does not quite have the feature or function you desire? You’re in luck!

One of the reasons WPAdverts is so popular is we can customize it for you – and we code your special functionality as a custom WordPress plugin! This means you enjoy your new super-power without any worries about updating WordPress or the main WPAdverts plugin.

Automatic updates should be a blessing, not a curse!

Just send us an email and briefly explain what you would like to add or change. We will quickly get back to you and advise if the change is practical and a quote for how much it will cost

Once we get started we can exchange drawings and more detail. We will work closely with you to make sure you get exactly what you need!

WordPress customizations done for you.

Create Support Ticket

We take pride in the speed of the support you Get from us! Typically you can expect a response In 24 hours or less (except holiday periods).

For issue-tracking, clarity and speed we recommend e-mail through the contact form below.

Feel free to use this form for any pre-sales questions or feedback, as well as technical support requests.

Developer resources

Our plugin is developed with your developer in mind!

Code Snippets

We have collection of over 40 completely free and well documented code snippets which you can use to extend WPAdverts. If you are a web developer this is also a great place to learn about WPAdverts API

Support Forum

Want to connect with other WPAdverts users? Check out our community support forum to talk with like minded people.

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