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Block: Classifieds Categories

The Classifieds Categories block allows displaying a list or a grid with the top categories on your website.

Creating Classifieds Categories

In order to create a new page with the Classifieds Search block you can:

  1. Go to the wp-admin / Pages / Add New panel
  2. Enter the page title, in the content, start typing “/Classifieds” some suggestions will pop up, click on the Classifieds Categories
  3. The block should render a settings page,
  4. From the Taxonomy selection select “Advert Categories” (new taxonomies you can register with the Metaverse extension, also if you have the Maps and Locations extenion installed then you should see the Adverts Location taxonomy option as well).
  5. Press “Apply“.
  6. The categories list should now render, when you click on it in the right sidebar you should be able to select from multiple customization options.

Below you can watch a video showing how to quickly set up a Classifieds Categories block.

Classifieds Categories Block Options

Display Options

Item Display – either stacked (icon above title) or aligned (icon next to the title)

Show items count – if checked show number of ads in the category next to the title.

Columns – number of columns to show when viewing on the desktop.

Columns (mobile) – number of columns to show when viewing in the mobile browser.

Margin between items – use this slider to increase or decrease spacing between the gray boxes

Item padding – use this slider to change spacing between the icon and the title.


Show icons – by changing this toggle you can turn on and off showing icons

Default icon – by default the folder icon, if you would like to change it then you need to enter a different icon code, you can find them on the Font Awesome website, find an icon, click on it and you should see there the icon code.

Icon size – use the slider to change the icon size


Icon Color – the color of the icon displayed on the list

Text Color – the category name text color

Background Color – the box background color

Border Color – the color of the border around the box.

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