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Block: Classifieds List

The Classifieds / List block is the block you will most likely be using the most as it allows users to see the list of published Ads in a list or grid mode.

There are a few ways website owners are using this block:

  • Main page with the list of all active ads on your website, usually along with the Classifieds Search to allow searching and filtering.
  • Show only the Featured Ads in the sidebar on some other often visited page like a home page.
  • Show a random list of ads.

Below you can see what this block looks like in the front end, please note that at the top a Classifieds / Search block is displayed. You can use those blocks together to allow browsing and searching of the Ads list.

Classifieds / List block in grid mode.

Classifieds / List block in grid mode.

Creating Classifieds List

In order to create a new page with the Classifieds List block you can:

  1. Go to the wp-admin / Pages / Add New panel
  2. Enter the page title, in the content, start typing “/Classifieds” some suggestions will pop up, click on the Classifieds Kust
  3. The block should render a settings page,
  4. From the post types selection select “Classifieds” (new post types you can register with the Metaverse extension).
  5. Select Form Scheme or leave the field blank to use the default form scheme (you can register different search form schemes with the Custom Fields extension).
  6. Press “Apply“.
  7. The search form should now render, when you click on it in the right sidebar you should be able to select from multiple customization options.

Check out the video below for a quick setup video

Classifieds List Block Options

Display Options

Show number of found results – checking this toggle will show or hide the number of found results shown at the top-left side of the list (above ads).
Allow switching view – this toggle will show or hide the grid and list view icons shown above the ads list.
Allow sorting – this toggle will show or hide the “Sort By” option above the ads list.
Show Pagination – if unchecked then the pagination will not show even if there is more than one page of results (ie. the total number of results greater than posts per page).
Results Per Page – how many results per page should the list show.
Default View – which view should be shown by default, a list or a grid.
Default Image URL – you can enter here an URL to an image that should be displayed when an Ad does not have any images uploaded.

Display Information

Show image column/row – toggle this input to show or hide the images on both the list view and the grid view.

Show price column/row – toggle this input to show or hide the price, note in the Third Column field you can change what data does the default Price columns show.

List Data – this input allow adding new data to display (between the title and price), you can select from available options in the dropdown and later change their position using the up and down arrows or remove them from the list by clicking the trash icon.

Title Text – by default below the image the Ad title is displayed, if you are not using titles or would like to show there some other data instead (for example the Ad ID) then you can can select it from the dropdown here.

Third Column – similarly as above if your users are not entering a price when posting an Ad or you do now want to show the price on the list then you can select here a different data that will be shown.

List View Options

Image Width – width of the image when viewing classifieds in the list mode.

Image Height – height of the image when viewing classifieds in the list mode.

Image Fit – how the image should fit inside the container. By default it is set to “contain” that is the image will be always scaled to show the whole image inside the box. The other options here are: “default” revert to the gallery fit set in the wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Gallery panel; “cover” the image will fill the whole image box even if that means some parts of the image will not be shown; “scale-down” similar to the “contain”.

Use Image – you can select here which miniature generated on the image upload should be used

Grid View Options

Columns in the Grid view – how many columns should be shown in the grid when viewing the list on the desktop.

Columns in the mobile Grid view – how many columns should be shown in the grid when viewing the list on a mobile device.

Image Height – height of the image when viewing the list in the grid mode. Note that in the grid view you do not need to set the image width as the width is automatically calculated based on number of columns to show.

Image Fit – as above in the List View Options section

Use Image – as above in the List View Options section

Featured Ads

this options are applied only if you have the Featured Ads module enabled in the wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel.

Show on the list – “All Ads” will show both featured and normal ads; “Featured Ads” will list only the featured ads; “Normal Ads” will ignore the featured listings and will show only the non-featured ads.

Show featured ads at the top of the list – if checked then the ads on the list will be sorted first by the is_featured flag and then by date (or other param you choosed for sorting in the Filters / Basic section).

Filters / Basic

Default Sorting and Order – select how the Ads should be sorted on the list by default.

Author – you can enter here an ID of an author to show only the ads of a selected author.

Filters / Taxonomies

Auto-detect current taxonomy – usually you will want to check this toggle when creating a template for a taxonomy page (for example for the Advert Categories) so this block will by default filter the ads by a category instead of showing all ads.

Advert Category – you can enter here a list of category IDs or slugs (separated by coma) to only show ads from a selected category, or you can prefix the ID with “-” character to exclude a category. You can click the “View Filtering Instructions” button to read more about filtering by taxonomies.

You can see below more fields (for example the Advert Location if you have the Maps and Locations plugin installed or if you added new taxonomy using the Metaverse extension) you can filter by them using the same method as in the Advert Category.


Price Color – you can select here a text color for the data in the third column/row, by default this is the Price, but as explained above it is possible to display in this column some other data.

Title Color – you can set here the text color for the title or more precisely for the text shown below the image.

Featured Ads Background Color – you can set here a custom background color for the ads marked as featured.


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