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Block: Classifieds Manage

The Classifieds Manage block allows users to manage all the listings they have posted.

Below you can see the screen the logged-in user (who posted some ads) can see, the logged-out users will see only a message asking them login or register.

Creating Classifieds Manage

In order to create a new page with the Classifieds Search block you can:

  1. Go to the wp-admin / Pages / Add New panel
  2. Enter the page title, in the content, start typing “/Classifieds” some suggestions will pop up, click on the Classifieds Manage
  3. The block should render a settings page,
  4. From the post types selection select “Classifieds” (new post types you can register with the Metaverse extension).
  5. Press “Apply“.
  6. The search form should now render, when you click on it in the right sidebar you should be able to select from multiple customization options.

Below you can watch a video showing how to quickly set up a Classifieds Search block.

Classifieds Manage Block Options

This block has the same options as the Classifieds List block (although a bit limited since it does not need for example filtering by taxonomies), so if you are looking for the block options explenation please refer to the Classifieds List block documentation.


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