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Block: Classifieds Publish

With the Classifieds Publish block, your users (either registered or anonymous) can publish new classified Ads on your website.

The page with this block is created on WPAdverts activation but is saved as Draft to avoid unwanted publications, if you want your users to be able to submit new ads just Publish the page from wp-admin / Pages panel.

Creating Classifieds Publish

In order to create a new page with the Classifieds Search block you can:

  1. Go to the wp-admin / Pages / Add New panel
  2. Enter the page title, in the content, start typing “/Classifieds” some suggestions will pop up, click on the Classifieds Publish
  3. The block should render a settings page,
  4. From the post types selection select “Classifieds” (new post types you can register with the Metaverse extension).
  5. Select Form Scheme or leave the field blank to use the default form scheme (you can register different search form schemes with the Custom Fields extension).
  6. Press “Apply“.
  7. The search form should now render, when you click on it in the right sidebar you should be able to select from multiple customization options.

Below you can watch a video showing how to quickly set up a Classifieds Publish block.

Classifieds Publish Block Options

Moderate Ads – if you turn on this option then the Ads will not be published instantly but rather administrator will have to approve them first.

Skip Preview – when turned on the users will not go to the preview page but rather will be sent straight to the publication step.

Preselect Category – this option requires the Custom Fields extension to be installed, if you turn it on then users will need to select a category first and only then the Ad Publication Form (this feature is useful if you want each category to have different fields in the publication form).

Capability required to publish – you can require users to have a certain capability in order to be able to publish ads. For example, if you enter “read” then only logged-in users will be able to post ads (as by default any logged-in user has the “read” capability). Check out the WordPress roles and capabilities documentation for more details.

Error Message – This field is visible if the “Capability required” field is not empty. You can enter here the error message text user will see if he does not have the capability required to publish an Ad.

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