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BuddyPress Integration (Paid Addon)

This integration allows to: add Listings tab in BuddyPress profile (visitors can view user Ads, profile owner can view them and manage), display “Send Private Message” button on Ad details page, replace username on Ad details page with link to user BP profile and replace default WordPress registration (when posting and Ad from [adverts_add]) with more advanced BuddyPress registration system.

In order to use this add-on you need to have WPAdverts and BuddyPress plugins installed first.  Once you have them, you can purchase BuddyPress Integration.

After purchase you will receive a download link, to install the add-on, download the zip file to your computer, then go to wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel, upload previously downloaded zip file and activate BP Integration.



The image above shows all the configuration options, below is a short explenation for what they do:

  • Registration – checking this checkbox will enable BuddyPress registration (instead of default WP registration) when user creates a new add using [adverts_add] shortcode and checks a “Create an account for me …” checkbox. To make this work properly you will also need to configure BuddyPress Registration and Login Pages.
  • Private Messages – enabling this feature will show a “Send Private Message” button on Ad details pages. Note that in order to make it work properly you need to enable BuddyPress Private Messaging, you can do it from wp-admin / Settings / BuddyPress panel.
  • BuddyPress Navigation Titles – by default BP Integration creates in user profile a new tab named “Listings” with two sub panels “Browse” and Manage as visible on an image below
    In this section you can rename all the menu titles to your own.
  • BuddyPress Navigation Slugs – in this section you can customize slugs for “Listings” / “Browse” (they have the same slug) and “Manage” tabs. In the slugs you should use only a-z, 0-9 and “-” characters. By default the slugs are something like
    • “Listings / Browse” http://example.com/members/user-name/adverts/
    • “Manage” http://example.com/members/user-name/adverts/manage/

    In both fields you can of course change only the last part of URL (that is either /adverts/ or /manage/)

  • Listings Tab – Listings / Browse Tabs basically display [adverts_list] shortcode, in this section you can configure “search_bar” (enable or disable search bar in Listings tab), “columns” (number of columns to show) and “posts_per_page” params for this shortcode.

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