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Create Your First Advert

If you are already familiar with creating normal posts in wp-admin then you should not have any problems with creating classified ads. When in wp-admin panel go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Add New.

As you can see the form is similar to the one when posting new Page or Posts with couple of differences:

  • Below content field there is Gallery box. Using it you can upload images that will be displayed on ads list and on ad details pages. Note that after uploading a file you can select if the file is main/featured and add title and description to the image.
  • Below Gallery there is Additional Fields box. It contains some basic fields like Contact Person, Contact Person Email (both are required), Phone Number, Item Price (value in this field will be automatically formatted based on your settings in wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core panel) and Location
  • You will also find an Author box, since anyone can be Ad author it works differently than in default Posts and Pages. Just start typing user: login, email or name and the box will auto suggest you some users. If you do not want the ad to be associated with any of the users then in the suggestions dropdown select “Anonymous”.
  • In the Publish box, below “Publish on” field you will find Expires field which allows to set Ad expiration date, the interface is pretty much the same as for “Publish on” field except there is an additional  “Never Expires” checkbox which you can check if you want the ads to display indefinitely.

Ok, so now just enter Title, fill description box, (optionally) upload some images into Gallery, fill the required Additional Fields and click Publish button.

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