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Pattern: Classifieds Details – customizing ad details pages

Since WPAdverts 2.1 it is possible to customize how the Ad details page looks like by creating a custom Ad details page template using Classifieds Single blocks.

There are a few steps to follow in order to do this:

1. Go to the wp-admin / Pages / Add New page, and enter a title that will allow you to identify this page later, for example, “Ad Details Template”.

2. In the top left press the + button, select the Patterns tab, click on “Classifieds” and then on “Classifieds Details“.

3. A couple of blocks will be added to the page content, you can click on each of them and customize to your needs (the options for each block will appear in the right sidebar after clicking on the block). We will not cover the options here as they are subject to change, but the options should be self-explanatory for the most part.

4. Once your template is ready save it as a “Draft” (or “Template” if your theme supports it).

5. Go to the wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core / Types panel, click on “Classifieds”, then on the right sidebar “Rendering“, in the “Renderer Type” select “Block” and in the “Renderer Template” dropdown select a page created in previous steps. If you do not see your page in the “Renderer Template” dropdown double-check that your template is saved as “Draft”.

6. Save the settings and the customized template should start appearing when looking at the Ad details pages.


If you prefer watching video instead of following the text you can see how to do all of that in the below video


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