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Different form for each category

Using Custom Fields extension and the Preselect Ad Category snippet you can have a custom form for each category, both in the [adverts_add] and in [adverts_list].

The first thing you would need to do is to install the Preselect Ad Category snippet, you can do that as explained here at the bottom of the page.

The snippet does two things. In wp-admin / Classifieds / Categories panel it allows assigning form schemes to categories and in the [adverts_add] it forces user to select a category first and only then a proper form scheme will show.

Create Various Form Schemes

Once you have the snippet installed and activated you can go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Custom Fields panel and create either [adverts_add] or [adverts_list] (or both) forms for a selected category and customize the forms how you see fit.

Repeat this step for each category you would like to have a custom form.

Important note for editing the [adverts_add] forms. The form needs to have the default Category field you cannot trash it. To avoid users changing the category after pre-selecting it, you would need to:

  • edit the Category field.
  • in the “Fill Method” dropdown select “I will enter options myself“.
  • check “use values” checkbox.
  • add an option, in the “text” field enter a title of the category to which this form will be assigned and in the “value” field enter the category ID.

Assign Forms to Categories

The next step is to go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Categories panel edit a category and assign to it previously created forms.

When editing a category you should see two fields

“Form Scheme” you can assign the [adverts_add] form scheme to it by selecting it from the dropdown.

“Form Scheme Search” you can select here an [adverts_list] form scheme, when a user will go to a category page the [adverts_list] shortcode search form will use the assigned search form instead of the default one.


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