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Extending Adverts With Modules

The additional modules you can find in wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel.

Some of them: Payments, Emails, Featured Ads, Contact Form and Bank Transfer are builtin. This means that if you wish to use them you can activate them by just clicking the “Activate” button in the Options panel.

Premum Extensions

The rest of the extensions you see are usually paid/premium extensions which means that before using them you need to:

  • Visit our pricing page and purchase a package that includes the package you would like to use.
  • After the purchase you will receive a link to your client panel where you can download the extensions from your purchased package.
  • Once you have the extension zip file on your computer you can go to wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel and upload and activate the extensoin from there.
  • Finally you can go back to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options page, the “Get this add-on” button next to the activated extension will now change to “Settings”.

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