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Featured Ads

“Featured” is a free module which allows to list ads as … well … featured. This ads will behave like any other ad with two differences. #1 In the frontend ads marked as featured will be always displayed before “normal” ads (so the sorting will be first by is featured flag and then by date descending) #2 the featured ads will have different background to make them standout more from the others.

Usually this kind of featuring is used along with Payments module, it allows site owner to charge Ad poster more but in return give his Ad more exposure on site.

In order to enable this module go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel and click “Activate” next to “Featured Ads” box. If you can’t see this module in Options panel please make sure you are using WPAdverts 1.0.3 or newer.

Configuring Featured Ads

Once you activate this module, when creating or editing Pricing (either in Payments Module or in WooCommerce Integration) you should see “Feature this ad – it will be styled differently and sticky” checkbox. If you check it (and save pricing) from now on all Ads posted in the frontend using this pricing will be displayed as featured.


ProTip: If your Pricing will create featured Ads make sure to put this information in either in pricing title or description so users will know they are paying premium to have their ads featured.

You can make any already existing Ad featured from wp-admin / Classifieds panel. When editing classified, in the Publish sidebar (usually on the right side), you will notice a  “Display this listing as featured.” checkbox, which will allow you to switch featured flag in the Ad.


Viewing Featured Ads

In wp-admin / Classifieds panel it is pretty easy to identify featured Ad, on the list it will have a flag icon next to its title as visible on image below.


In the frontend ads will display with lite blue background, as visible below (although the ads style can be updated in future WPAdverts versions).



If you do not like how the Featured Ads are styled in the frontend by default you can customize them by adding some additional CSS code to your current theme CSS file

body .advert-item.advert-is-featured {
    /* Advert Box */
    background-color: #F7F6B7;
    border-color: #F2F063;

body .advert-item.advert-is-featured .advert-img { 
    /* Advert Image Wrap */

body .advert-item.advert-is-featured .advert-img > img { 
    /* Actual Advert Image Tag */

body .advert-item.advert-is-featured .advert-post-title {
    /* Advert Title */
    font-style: italic;

body .advert-item.advert-is-featured .advert-published {
    /* Meta Box with Date and Price */

body .advert-item.advert-is-featured .advert-published .advert-date {
    /* Span Tag Containing Date */

body .advert-item.advert-is-featured .advert-published .advert-price {
    /* Advert Price Box */


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