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Importing Demo Data

Entering the data for testing is tiresome, with the Demo Data code snippet you can import the same data we are using on the demo site with just a few clicks of a button.

The snippet will import the same data as you can see on the demo website, so you will have 10 ads, each with two images (that is a total of 20 images) and 72 categories.

The data Demo Data snippet will import into your database.

How to use the snippet?

You need to first download the Demo Data snippet, and install and activate it as any other WordPress plugin from the wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel.

Once you have it activated you can go to the wp-admin / Tools / Demo Data panel, and press the Import Data Now button.

The import should take no longer than 30 seconds.

If you want to have more Ads in the database then you can run the import multiple times it will import the Ads again but not the Categories.

That’s it! You should see the new ads in the wp-admin / Classifieds panel now.


Once the import is ready you no longer need the Demo Data plugin, it is recommended to just deactivate and delete it from the wp-admin / Plugins panel.


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