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reCAPTCHA Integration (Paid Addon)

reCAPTCHA (or noCAPTCHA) is a tool developed by Google, it protects your website from SPAM submissions by requiring a user to verify he is a human. He can do that by completing a simple task that is easy for a human but hard for a computer (or a bot).

Signup for API Keys

To use reCAPTCHA integration you need to first signup for reCAPTCHA API key, you can do that here https://www.google.com/recaptcha/intro/index.html, in the top right you should see “Get reCAPTCHA” button, click it, then if necessary login with your Google account (or Gmail credentials), after that you should see a form like the one below


In Label field enter some text that will help you remember that this is reCAPTCHA for WPAdverts, in Domains, enter your domain name and if you are planning to use this addon on your localhost then also enter “localhost”, finally click “Register” button. If everything went fine you should see a page wit your API keys.



Now you can install and activate WPAdverts reCAPTCHA integration, you can do that from wp-admin / Plugins / Add New / Upload panel. After activating, go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / reCAPTCHA panel and enter there your API keys.


The reCAPTCHA config form has following options:

  • Site Key – copy and paste here Site Key you generated in reCAPTCHA panel.
  • Secret Key – copy and paste here Secret Key generated in reCAPTCHA panel.
  • Theme – select between light and dark, default is light, select dark only if your WordPress theme has a dark background (otherwise the dark theme will not look good).
  • Type – Image or Audio, default and recommended value is Image
  • Size – either Normal or Compact, the Normal is a rectangle the compact is a square.
  • Adverts Add ([adverts_add]) – select who should see reCAPTCHAinput when posting new Advert.
  • Contact Form – select who should see reCAPTCHA input in Contact Form (requires Contact Form module enabled).

If configured properly your reCAPTCHA will be added to the end of the form (either [adverts_add] or Contact Form depending on your selection) and will look like on the image below:


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