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Where do i find my Signing Secret?

Signing Secret is a private key that allows validating the notifications submitted by Stripe.com to your server, or more specifically to your webhook. Without it, WPAdverts Stripe will not be able to confirm the notifications received are genuine and will discard them.

If you generated an Endpoint in Stripe.com Dashboard / Developers / Webhooks panel, as explained in the WPAdverts Stripe documentation, then in the Webhooks panel you should see your Endpoint on the list.

If you have multiple endpoints then you will recognize the one created for WPAdverts by the ending, it will always end with wpadverts-stripe-webhook.

If the Endpoint is not there you will need to create it first as explained in our docs (in the “Payment Confirmations and PSD2”) section, and then get back to this page.

Once you identified your endpoint click on it, you will see a page like in the image below

At the bottom, you can see the “Signing secret” tab with the “Click to reveal” button click on it and you will see your signing secret (it will start with whsec_), copy it, and paste in the wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Stripe panel in the “Endpoint URL – Signing Secret” field.

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