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The Categories Widget organizes your Ads by category in your blog’s sidebar. This can be handy for readers who want to find Ads about certain topics. Below you can see how the widget can look in the frontend (note how it will actually display depends somewhat on your current theme as well).




In order to use this widget you need to add it to sidebar, go to wp-admin / Appearance / Widgets panel, find Advert Categories widget and drag it into one of your sidebars. If you are having problem with adding the widget or you are not sure how to do this, please see https://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Widgets.

Once you have it in the sidebar you should see configuration form similar to the one on the image below.



  • Title – this is widget title users will see in the frontend.
  • Hide empty – when checked, categories with no Ads inside will not be shown.
  • Show post counts – when checked, next to the category title you will see how many Ads is there in this category (as visible in the first image).
  • Show top categories only – by default categories widget will display categories by context, for example when you have category A which has categories B and C inside then, the widget will show category A by default, when you will browse Ads in category A the widget will show Ads B and C as you are now inside the category A (hope this make sense). Checking this checkbox will force widget to always display top level categories, it might be useful if you have one level categories only.
  • Show multiple category levels – when this option is checked the whole category tree will be shown. You should not use this options with “Show top categories only” as those options contradict each other.

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