Extending Adverts With Modules

Posted in: Getting Started

By default Adverts is very simple and minimalistic classifieds software, however it is bundled with a couple of modules (we avoid using word add-on since users associate it with something paid while all our modules are free). Each module enables additional functionality for example Ads Payments or new Payment Method.

The available modules on your site you will find in wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel, currently available modules are:

  • Core – here you will basically find general Adverts settings
  • Payments – enabling this module will allow you to charge users for posting Ads, note that if you decide to enable Payments you also need to enable at least one payment method module
  • WooCommerce – charge users for posting ads¬†using WooCommerce plugin
  • Bank Transfer – this module allows you to accept payments via bank transfer, cash or any other payment system where you will verifying and accepting payments manually.
  • PayPal IPN – this is integration with PayPal Instant Payment Notifications system. It allows to pay users via PayPal and automatically/instantly accept payments.
  • Featured Ads – allows to list ads as featured (at the top of the list with different background), usually you will want to use this module along with Payments or WooCommerce integration.

Each of this modules is described in full details on a separate page.