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Payments Module allows accepting payments from site visitors for posting ads. From administrator panel, you can configure multiple pricing levels.

In order to enable Payments go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel and click Activate next to Payments box. Note that Payments requires that you enable at least one payment method so enable either PayPal IPN Module or Bank Transfer Module or both of them.

Configuring Payments

After activating Payments you will notice that where the Enable button was there is now Settings button, click it to get to main Payments Options, it should look as below


As you can see there are just two options:

  • first allows selecting default payment method (the dropdown should have some options if you activated at least one payment method in wp-admin / Classifieds / Options panel).
  • second allows selecting default pricing, that is pricing that will be checked by default when user will try to post an ad. In order to have some options here, you need to go to Pricing tab first.

While settings this options is not required it really makes your classifieds site more user-friendly and easier to use.



The Pricing tab allows to Add New pricing, edit or delete one of existing, in order to use the Payments module you need to define at least one Pricing.


The fields in pricing form should be self-explanatory:

  • Pricing Type – select if the pricing can be used when posting a new Ad (New Advert Posting option) or when renewing and Ad from [adverts_manage] panel (Advert Renewal option)
  • Title – this should be a 2 or 3 words name of the pricing
  • Description – this field should explain what is included in this pricing
  • Price – how much using this pricing will cost
  • Visible – how long (in days) the Ad will be displayed
  • Feature this ad – this checkbox will appear only if you have Featured Ads module enabled.

Using Payments In The Frontend

Pricing defined like in the screenshot above will be displayed in the Post Ad form like this when user will try to post new Ad.


If the user will select Premium, then in the third step of Ad posting process he will need to select Payment Method and fill the payment form (if any) to complete payment.


Managing User Payments

In wp-admin / Classifieds / Payment History panel (it will appear only if you have the Payments Module enabled) you can browse all payments (pending, completed, failed and refunded).


You can click on each order ID to see all order details, including payment log which allows to troubleshot problems with payments or check when and by whom the payment was accepted.

If you set payment status to Completed when editing the payment then associated Ad will be automatically approved and published or renewed.