BuddyPress Integration

BuddyPress Integration

Build trustworthy classifieds site around your existing or new community. Lets face it, it’s much easier to make a purchase from seller you know (or at least whose profile and activity you can see).

This extension seamlessly integrates WPAdverts with BuddyPress plugin and allows each user to manage his Adverts directly from BuddyPress profile. If you are already running BuddyPress on your WordPress based site, simply enable this add-on and it will handle all the hard work for you.

With BuddyPress Integration You Can

  • Display “Listings” tab in user profile which will show all Ads created by this user.
  • Allow users to manage their WPAdverts Ads directly from BuddyPress profile.
  • Automatically add new activity to user stream when user publishes a new Ad.
  • Use BuddyPress registration system to register new users when posting an Ad from [adverts_add].
  • Display “Send Private Message” button on all Ads created by users with BuddyPress profiles.


How It Works

  • Install and activate BuddyPress Integration (and BuddyPress plugin).
  • Go to wp-admin / Classifieds / BuddyPress Integration panel and configure integration (if you need documentation you will find here).
  • All existing users who already have BuddyPress profile and posted some Ads will have all their Ads automatically assigned to them and displayed in Listings panel.




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