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You know WordPress is fantastic for creating any kind of site you can imagine, but it’s rarely exactly how you imagined it!

Even with WordPress you often end up hiring a coder or learning to code, and because forms are how visitors interact with your site, and HOW your site will function, it’s one of the most common areas users need help with. So we built this extension to make it easy to customize the forms – without needing to write or edit a single line of code!

You can quickly do this yourself (see video below) or if working with a coder then you’ll make their life VERY easy, saving you both time and money.

A live Drag n Drop Editor means it’s easy to customize [adverts_add], [adverts_list] and the contact form in literally seconds. There’s no need to learn the API or risk breaking any code when our visual editor is there for you. This means that with WPAdverts and this Custom Fields extension you get YOUR site, customized to YOUR niche – just as YOU imagined it!

And your competition will hate you, which is a bonus!

With Custom Fields you can

  • Customize [adverts_add] form in minutes using intuitive drag and drop editor with 6 different field types.
  • Add new search fields to [adverts_list] form and define advanced search mechanism without writing a single line of code
  • Enhance your Contact Form so the users will need to submit some additional required information.
  • Setup multiple [adverts_add] forms, each with a different form scheme.
  • Save literally hours of development time and hundreds of dollars on custom development!

I could write a lot how amazing the Custom Fields editor is, but it will be best if you check this yourself on the short demo below. It shows how quickly you can modify the [adverts_add] form (On the video click on Settings (cog) icon and then HD to see it in higher resolution.)


How it works

  1. Install and activate Custom Fields Integration and make sure you have WPAdverts 1.0.12 or newer installed.
  2. Go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Custom Fields panel and create a custom form.
  3. Make the form default so new scheme will be applied automatically or apply it to a selected shortcode.


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