Maps and Locations

Maps and Locations

Maps and Locations (MAL) extension completely solves the problem with managing locations. It allows managing hierarchical list of locations (for example Country > State > City) both when creating an Ad and when searching by location. This means no more misspelled location names and always most accurate search results.

MAL is fully integrated with Google Maps and Places APIs. This allows simple location filling and Google Maps displayed on each Ad details page.

With Maps and Locations module you can

  • Create a hierarchical database of locations or use Google Places API and allow users to fill the database for you (when posting Ads).
  • Geolocate each Location – use simple drag and drop interface to mark an exact place on Google Map.
  • Allow users to browse Ads by Locations using SEO friendly URLs ( like ).
  • Using SEO plugins (for example Yoast SEO)? Then you can fill meta title and description to make your Locations, even more, SEO friendly.
  • Display Google Map on each Ad details page, the location on the map can be as accurate as an exact street address.
  • Use [adverts_mal_map] shortcode to display a map with all active classified Ads, the map comes with keyword and location filters which allow to quickly filter Ads.
  • Integration with Custom Fields add-on will allow you to customize the search form on [adverts_mal_map] using drag and drop editor.
  • Search by radius / distance.
  • Search by multiple locations with a single search (applies to [adverts_list])
  • No more thinking which locations are available, MAL will provide you available locations in a multi-select dropdown or in the auto-complete field (applies to [adverts_list]).

How It Works?

  • Install and activate Maps and Locations add-on from wp-admin / Plugins panel on your site.
  • Go to wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Maps and Locations panel to configure the plugin
  • From wp-admin / Classifieds / Locations panel you can fill the Locations database (unless you are planning to use Google Places API and allow users to fill it themselves).
  • Your Location field in [adverts_add] form will be replaced with Google Places Autocomplete or with simple dropdown field (depending on your selection in configuration)
  • Location field in [adverts_list] will be replaced with multi-select field or auto complete input (depending on your choice) AND will allow searching by multiple locations.
  • On Ad details pages you should see “show on map” link which will slide down the map to help visualize the location.


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