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This extension combines your WPAdverts with WooCommerce, so WooCommerce can accept payments for Ads posting.

If you are already familiar with WooCommerce you are good to go, just enable this integration, create Adverts Listing products and start accepting payments. Easy.

The hard bit was combining these 2 powerful plugins to work seamlessly together, but we’ve got many years of WordPress experience and we’ve done it all for you – and yes, we always keep WPAdverts up to date with Woo updates!

But wait, What is Woo?

WooCommerce is one of the biggest dogs in e-commerce in general, and THE big dog of e-commerce on WordPress.

It’s a massively popular way of creating your own shop on a WordPress site, and just like WPAdverts it’s free to install and then has paid extensions so you can do almost anything shop-related with it. And now with WPAdverts you can use it for classifieds too!

With WooCommerce Integration You Can

  • Create different pricing schemes by simply creating new WooCommerce Products.
  • Create packages which allow users to pay once and post a couple of Ads.
  • Automatically redirect users to the WooCommerce cart once a user finishes creating their Ad.
  • All the Ads are marked with appropriate icons so you will be able to easily tell which Ad was not yet paid for and which was Abandoned.
  • Once an order is paid and marked as Completed in WooCommerce the Ad will automatically become active.
  • Allows users to pay for and post Featured Ads.
  • Allow users manage their Ads directly from the WooCommerce User Panel.


  • Integration with Custom Fields extension allows assigning different pricings to different [adverts_add] form versions. This allows offering different features (such as more image uploads or longer descriptions) depending on selected listing type.

How It Works

  1. Install and activate WooCommerce Integration (and WooCommerce plugin).
  2. Go to wp-admin / Products / Add Product panel, enter product details and in “Product Data” drop-down select “Single Listing (WPAdverts)”. enter a listing duration and publish a product.
  3. Now when user will go to Ad posting form he will be able to select this product as a listing type.
  4. Once user will click “Publish Listing” button he will be redirected to WooCommerce cart where he will be able to finish payment.
  5. When payment status will change to Completed user Ad will be approved and published


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