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Creating Ads Management Panel [adverts_manage]

This shortcode is deprecated since WPAdverts version 2.0

Instead, we recommend using blocks – a modern visually customizable alternative to shortcodes.

You can replace this shortcode with the Classifieds / Manage block.

Management Panel is a place where users (other than adminstrator) can edit, view and delete ads they previously posted.

In order to create management panel go to wp-admin / Pages / Add New panel, in the content enter [adverts_manage] and save the page. From now the page you created will render content similar to the one from screenshot below.

Of course the [adverts_manage] shortcode you can use on already existing pages as well.


Each item on the list has a thumbnail image, title, “View“, “Edit“, “Delete” and “More” buttons.  Additionally, if an item has price and expiration date set they will be displayed also.

Clicking More button will show additional actions for example “Renew Ad” if you have Payments Module enabled and at least one Renew Pricing configured.

Next to the title one of few icons can be displayed

  • flag – if the item is featured (using Featured Ads module).
  • eye crossed out – if the item expired and is no longer visible on ads list.
  • padlock – if the item is being moderated and is waiting for admin approval.
  • credit card – if the item was saved but the user who posted the Ad never paid for it.

Shortcode Parameters

  • name: string (default “default”) – this is mainly for future use, the name basically should identify shortcode.
  • paged: int (default 1) – current page number, set it only if you want to start with page different than first.
  • posts_per_page: int (default: 20) – number of items per page

Example Usage



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